So since I posted yesterday about my Thanksgiving Travels I might as well share a moment about them.


First thing, being away from my family is hard. Holidays make it worse and FaceTime makes it better. As the Thanksgiving holiday was approaching I spent quite a bit of time trying to refresh my memory on some of the specific details and then try to figure out how to explain that in simple English for elementary students. I prepared my presentation to accompany a quick YouTube video that talks about the history and mentions that the true meaning of Thanksgiving these days is to spend time with friends and family. The more I watched that short video, the more homesick I felt.

Then came the great idea to make a homemade goodie to bring to work in celebration of Thanksgiving day. Here in Spain it’s not actually a holiday. Then I realized… here we don’t have sweet potatoes, pie pumpkins nor pumpkin pie filling, pie crusts, pie pans, stuffing mix, brown sugar, or anything else I could think of in the moment to make and take with me.

The night before Thanksgiving was very upsetting.

The next morning I woke up determined not to be sad. I thought hard about the true meaning of the day and decided to let people know why and how I was thankful for them and let those good thoughts carry me on throughout the day. You know what? It worked.

Some of my messages went like this:

“I’m so thankful you open up to me as a friend and allow me to do the same”

“I’m so thankful for everything you have pushed me to do and allowed me to discover about myself”

“I am thankful that you always push me to be a better person, to think more and consider every side of the situation”

“I am thankful you have always encouraged me to be myself and helped me realize there is nothing wrong with who I am”

“I am thankful I met you by chance”

It’s funny how being away from everything, dare I say, out of the daily grind, I have the view point that things are pretty grand. Sometimes I see this as the effect that Spain has on me, the advantage of a clear viewpoint. No matter how you look at it, I was feeling pretty thankful on Thanksgiving Day and honestly the lonely feeling disappeared.

I also bought a turkey and cheese sub sandwich to take with me to the airport to eat for dinner. Practically the same as being at home in The States!