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Well this being my first post of 2014 I find it fitting to start with my New Year’s Resolution.

A New Year’s Resolution is mostly a Western World tradition (according to Wikipedia) and I haven’t noticed anyone in my circle talking about it here in Spain, however that doesn’t mean that I can’t cling to a few of my homeland traditions.

With each passing year have a hard time naming the things I would like to resolve. It feels a bit like Lent in which i never know what to give up! It could be because I try to take on too much at once or I’m not 100% committed to what I pledge. If you are into your smartphone there are apps to help you keep your resolutions. According to this Paste magazine’s website here are six of the top apps to assist you, I have one of the apps (duolingo) listed on the linked website but that is just a coincidence and has nothing to do with my list.

Also if you are not sure what you want to try and improve for this new coming year there is a website that will generate ideas for you here Some of my favorite are “use double-sided tape” and “get to know the neighbors.” You should give it a whirl!

Without further ado, I’m asking you all to keep my accountable to these 5 simple things. In no specific order:

  1. Allow myself time to heal when I am sick without feeling bad about it
  2. Send more cards and post cards to family and friends. At least once a month to at least one person
  3. Run another half marathon
  4. Floss my teeth during the weekdays
  5. Believe the people who say I am awesome instead of doubting them